Unbelievable: Marc Anthony just broke his third Guiness' record, find out how he made it!

Unbelievable: Marc Anthony just broke his third Guiness' record, find out how he made it!

Once again, the latin salsa singer achieved this accomplishment and shared it on his networks with all his followers

There is no doubt that Marc Anthony is one of the most important Latin singers of the moment thanks to the impeccable career that he has carried out over the years.

The salsa icon has received countless awards throughout his life, which has earned him this time (and for the third time), the breaking of a Guinness record.

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The interpreter of the song "Flor pálida" got this third title thanks to his merit as a male artist who has won the most "Lo Nuestro" statuettes, totaling 24.

Marc himself, through his official account on Instagram, made this achievement official with all his followers with an image of him holding a painting that validates the aforementioned recognition.

In addition, the artist added as an epigraph an extensive message full of pride and surprise for this new record:

"The male artist with the most @PremioLoNuestro awards won?!?!?! I am speechless! Gracias @guinnessworldrecords por este reconocimiento, a mi equipo de trabajo, a los productores, a @magnusmediausa, and everyone that has been behind this. Esto sí no me lo esperaba. I am feeling so many emotions and when I found out about this Guinness World Records record title, my heart skipped a beat. I just hope that everyone who has dedicated their life to making this happen feels as special as I do. ¡AHORA SON TRES Y ESTO SIGUEEEEEEE!"

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