These are the Netflix shows that will be premiering in January

These are the Netflix shows that will be premiering in January

Wondering what to watch at the begining of the year? check the new shows that will be premiering on Netflix this month 

Headspace Guide to Meditation 

This docu series started streaming from January 1. Narrated by Andy Pudicombe, its founder, the series is divided in an 8 episode documentation on how to meditate, what tools work better for it and why it's so important for our health. It's definetly worth the watch, do not miss it!

History of Swear Words

Missing Nicolas Cage? no need to worry since the major blockbuster star will be joining Netflix during 2021. Cage will be the host of the new comedy series called "History of Swear Words". The show promises a lot of laughter and insight on the history of the vulgar usage of modern words.

Cobra Kai season 3

The recently acquired Netflix sensation is coming back on January 8. This time new original characters from the original Karate Kid film will be making a comeback. For you to see Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso new karate confrontations, set you timer for the upcoming release.

Pretend its a city 

Martin Scorsese makes his Netflix debut with his new documentary series Pretend its a city. The seven episode series talks about the life of New York writer Fran Lebowitz. If you're interested in seeing the perspective of this notable Newyorker be sure to make some time for this very interesting guide on the Big Apple through the eyes of one of hollywood's best directors, yes that is Martin Scorsese.

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