Sabrina Carpenter drops the music video for 'Skinny Dipping' — Watch now!

Sabrina Carpenter drops the music video for 'Skinny Dipping' — Watch now!

The song is a collaboration with Julia Michaels and JP Saxe. 

Sabrina Carpenter is back with a new single! On Thursday, the 22-year-old singer released the music video for "Skinny Dipping", her collaboration with Julia Michaels and JP Saxe, which addresses grief and moving on from a failed relationship. 

Although Carpenter previously told Teen Vogue that she isn't fully "out of a place where I didn't hold any anger or resentment", the new music video — directed by Amber Park — shows the star working through her feelings while singing: 

"We've been swimming on the edge of a cliff / I'm resistant, but going down with the ship / It'd bе so nice, right? Right? / If we could take it all off and just еxist / And skinny dip in water under the bridge." 

In the clip, Carpenter also writes letters to herself as a coping mechanism. "Dear Sabrina, when will be the right time be?", reads one letter while another says "Dear me, there is no right time!" She then places them in a box, which is labeled "this too shall pass."

The video ends with Carpenter dancing in the middle of the street in a green dress with the box in hand, as she throws the letters into the air and finally lets go. 

"Skinny Dipping" is the follow-up to her successful single "Skin", which was released in January and is believed to be a response to Olivia Rodrigo's "drivers license" — in which Rodrigo described a "blonde girl" who had been spending time with her rumored ex, Joshua Bassett

However, shortly after the release of "Skin", Carpenter took to social media to shut down all fan speculation. "I wasn't bothered by a few lines in a (magnificent) song and wrote a diss track about it", she wrote at the time. "I was at a tipping point in my life for countless reasons. so i was inspired to do what i usually do to cope, write something that i wish i could have told myself in the past"

"The song isn't calling out one single person", the Girl Meets World alum continued. "Some lines address a specific situation, while other lines address plenty of other experiences I've had this past year."

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