Ruby Rose opens up about her recent hospitalization — More details here

Ruby Rose opens up about her recent hospitalization — More details here

The actress was recently rushed to the hospital. 

Ruby Rose got emotional while sharing the details of her recent hospitalization. 

On Tuesday, the 35-year-old actress took to her Instagram Story to explain that she was recently hospitalized after suffering complications from a surgery — though she didn't specify the procedure.

"I just wanted to sort out some live stuff and some health stuff and some house stuff and all the good things", she said in the clip, adding:

"I did have a procedure and I had to have surgery, but it was fine and the surgery went well. But then I had a few complications and I had to go to the emergency room to go to the hospital."

Rose recalled calling an ambulance when she determined that her symptoms were serious, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic it "took hours to find a hospital that would be able to take me or anyone."

The Orange Is the New Black alum continued, tearfully explaining that emergency rooms were "rejecting taking people and I… and my case was quite serious." Fortunately, she eventually managed to get accepted by a hospital "after a bit of a standoff".

Rose concluded, thanking the healthcare workers that assisted her and urging her fans to take care of themselves and each other:

"It doesn't need to be this hard for everyone and I just can't imagine all the other people that are having way more, way, way more serious situations happening right now."

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