Mark Ruffalo, Jane Fonda & more ask President Biden to end US' embargo to Cuba!

Mark Ruffalo, Jane Fonda & more ask President Biden to end US' embargo to Cuba!

The new sanctions President Biden imposed to Cuba were rejected by almost 500 cultural and political celebrities from around the world.

Along these last few weeks, Cuba has been facing some troubled times as thousands of Cuban people took the streets to demand the end of Miguel Díaz-Canel's government, and voicing their anger over the collapse of the economy, the shortage of medicine and food, price hikes and the government's handling of the pandemic. 

Several celebrities, such as Camila Cabello, Pitbull, and Lauren Jauregui, took to social media platforms to support the Cuban people using the hashtag #SOSCuba.

Jane Fonda

However, other political and cultural figures, such as 53-year-old actor Mark Ruffalo, actress and activist Jane Fonda, 62-year-old British actress Emma Thompson and 74-year-old actress Susan Sarandon, among 500 others, signed an open letter sent to United States' President Joe Biden in which they ask him to "reject the cruel policies put into place by the Trump White House that have created so much suffering among the Cuban people."

"Cuba is living through a difficult crisis due to the growing scarcity of food and medicine," the letter reads, "Recent protests have drawn the world’s attention to this. While the Covid-19 pandemic has proven challenging for all countries, it has been even more so for a small island under the heavy weight of an economic embargo."

Mark Ruffalo

Also, the letter says that there is "no reason to maintain the Cold War politics that required the U.S. to treat Cuba as an existential enemy rather than a neighbor" and called President Biden to follow Barack Obama's steps in the "opening to Cuba." "Ending the severe shortages in food and medicine must be the top priority," it adds.

"We ask you to end the Trump “coercive measures” and return to the Obama opening or, even better, begin the process of ending the embargo and fully normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba," the letter concludes.

The statement was an iniciative from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center, The People's Forum and Codepink, and was published in the July 23rd printed edition of the New York Times.

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