Maluma's big complaint about the Superbowl's show, do you agree?

Maluma's big complaint about the Superbowl's show, do you agree?

The colombian singer didn't hesitate to comment on The Weeknd's show at the Superbowl last Sunday, and captured it both on Twitter and Instagram. Find out here!

After the stir caused by the singer for his mega celebration in the middle of a dangerous pandemic by generating a party with many people in Miami, Florida, Maluma is once again the subject of public opinion for a complaint that he expressed through his accounts on social networks, where he decided not to keep anything about the Superbowl held this Sunday, February 7 in Tampa.

For this very important show, which was starred last year by Shakira and JLo with a tremendous staging that will go down in history, The Weeknd was in charge of entertaining the audience at halftime, and had the bar quite high after the presentations of his colleagues in 2020, the year in which Bad Bunny and J Balvin also left their mark.

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After the canadian singer's presentation, many social media users complained about the show because it did not have great moments: among other things, there was no change of costumes, there were audio problems and it presented a fairly simple choreography.

In addition, the complaints were focused on the shortage of artists, since The Weeknd was the only one who appeared on this occasion, a fact that was related to the current pandemic situation.

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However, it is important to note that the singer himself had declared to pay out of his own pocket a modest sum of 7 million dollars to enhance the set design and his presentation, something that did not help to calm the complaints of the spectators, who expected a little more.

But the most surprising claim of all came from who was his partner in the international collaboration that Maluma and The Weeknd made on the single "Hawai". The colombian singer left a comment on Twitter and Instagram that left no doubt: the show wasn't enoug for him and, also, he was disappointed that his colleague had not sung this song in the repertoire prepared for the show.

"Everything cool... but Hawai Remix was missing"

The users of the networks did not take long to react to this treacherous and direct criticism of the artist: many assured that Maluma felt a bit of "envy" for not being part of the event, while others agreed with the opinion of the colombian singer and assured that the show was a long way from being a presentation worthy of a Superbowl halftime, especially considering last year's presentations.

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