Lil Nas X drops the HOT music video for 'That's What I Want' — Watch NOW!

Lil Nas X drops the HOT music video for 'That's What I Want' — Watch NOW!

The song is off his newly-released debut album, 'Montero.'

Lil Nas X is back with another steamy music video! The 22-year-old rapper dropped the music video for his new single "That's What I Want" on Friday, the same day in which his highly-anticipated debut album Montero was released.

In the clip, Lil Nas falls from the sky and onto a football field as fans at the stadium watch. He is then carried by his teammates to sit on a bench to recover from an injury. As Lil Nas watches the game, him and another player lock eyes before getting hot and heavy in the locker rooms. 

"I want, someone to love me / I need, someone who needs me / 'Cause it don't feel right when it's late at night and it's just me in my dreams / So I want, someone to love / That's what I f---ing want", the hitmaker sings.

The music video continues with the Grammy winner paying homage to Brokeback Mountain, with him and his love interest enjoying a romantic late-night outing beside a campfire. Things once again heat up as the couple make love inside a tent.

However, Lil Nas' exciting affair is cut short when he stops by his his lover's house with a bouquet of roses only to discover that he's in a relationship with a woman and they have a child together.

The singer then drives home with tears streaming down his face and drinks away his heartbreak. The video then transitions to a shot of Lil Nas in a wedding dress walking down the aisle all by himself when a religious leader, played by Billy Porter, gifts him a guitar.

The visual ends with Lil Nas belting out the chorus' lyrics as makeup streams down his eyes.


"That's What I Want" is one of the 15 tracks featured on the musician's first studio album, Montero. The LP also includes previously released singles like "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" and "Industry Baby" as well as never-before-heard songs such as "Dead Right Now," "Lost In the Citadel" and "Life After Salem."

In case you missed it, Lil Nas X recently opened up about how personal Montero is. Click here to learn more!

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