Glenn Close gets nominated for an Oscar after her incredible performance!

The american actress is being praised by her performance in Hillbily Elegy!

Glenn Close is a very talented actress and she's been proving it throughout her whole career. Most recently, Close is being nominated for this year's Acadamy Awards for her incredible performance in the Ron Howard directed film, Hillbily Elegy. 

The funny fact is that she was also nominated for a Razzie award for worst supporting actress race for that same film. The story follows a Yale Law student who is drawn back to his Appalachian hometown, and confronts his strained relationships with his mother and grandmother.

Hillbilly Elegy received a total of three Razzie Award nominations, including for worst director for Ron Howard and worst screenplay for Vanessa Taylor.  Inspire this, we all know that Close is a very talented actress, since she's been nominated 7 times for the Oscar's. 

We guess only time will tell if she will be the lucky winner for best supporting actress. Don't forget that The 93rd Academy Awards will air live on Sunday, April 25 starting at 8 p.m on ABC.

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