Find out which TV novel has just broken a record that until now Game of Thrones owned!

Find out which TV novel has just broken a record that until now Game of Thrones owned!

A Turkish novel managed to surpass Game of Thrones, find out how!

There is a Turkish novel that managed to match the success of Woman and position itself as one of the audiovisual phenomena of recent years. We talk about Love is in the air, the story of Eda (Hande Erçel) and Serkan (Kerem Bürsin) that stole the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

A classic love story, which recovers values such as friendship, camaraderie and self-improvement was the key to the novel that, in its last chapter, dethroned a record that until now belonged to the acclaimed series Game of Thrones.

Love is in the air makes history and breaks a record belonging to Game of Thrones. The record in question is the number of tweets per episode broadcast. In the latest installment of Love is in the air, network users positioned a hashtag with which they dismissed the Turkish novel that had given them so many joys and they were commenting on each scene of the last chapter.

They got 8,472,552 tweets. Love is in the air is the most talked about novel on Twitter in history. This takes the position away from the HBO production, which earned 7.8 million, having been the most commented series on Twitter in history.

We are talking about a blockbuster originating in the American mainstream and that had the support and the guarantee of a series of books that already attracted a significant number of people. There were also seven seasons, while Love is in the air only two.

The romance that the protagonists of the successful Ottoman novel live in real life only added to the myth. The possibility of seeing how something of that story that fell in love with millions of viewers became a reality increased the fanaticism and love for history, which today breaks a historical record and paves the way for more Turkish productions.

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