Uma Thurman reveals she had an abortion as a teen — More details here

Uma Thurman reveals she had an abortion as a teen — More details here

The actress wrote an op-ed in condemnation of Texas' controversial abortion law. 

Uma Thurman is opening up about one of the most difficult moments in her life to protest against Texas' contentious abortion law. On Tuesday, the 51-year-old actress penned an op-ed for The Washington Post in which she revealed that she had an abortion in her late teens.

"I started my acting career at 15, working in an environment where I was often the only kid in the room", Thurman wrote. "In my late teens, I was accidentally impregnated by a much older man. I was living out of a suitcase in Europe, far from my family, and about to start a job. I struggled to figure out what to do."

Thurman then recalled discussing her options with her parents over the phone, and eventually deciding as a family that it was best to terminate the pregnancy. "My heart was broken nonetheless", she shared. 

The Oscar nominee is now a mother to three children: 23-year-old daughter Maya and 19-year-old son Levon, whom she shares with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, as well as 9-year-old daughter Luna with ex Arpad Busson

"The abortion I had as a teenager was the hardest decision of my life, one that caused me anguish then and that saddens me even now, but it was the path to the life full of joy and love that I have experienced", Thurman continued. "Choosing not to keep that early pregnancy allowed me to grow up and become the mother I wanted and needed to be."

In her letter, the Kill Bill alum explained that she came forward with her story to potentially help "women and girls who might feel a shame that they can't protect themselves from and have no agency over."

The controversial bill took effect on September 1st. It bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy —which is before most women even know they're pregnant. The bill doesn't allow exceptions for pregnancies that are the result of rape or incest, and states that doctors or clinics can be sued for perfoming abortions after six weeks. 

In addition, anyone who aided in an abortion —including helping pay the cost or driving someone to an appointment— can also be sued for a minimum of $10,000. 

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