Lady Kitty Spencer recalls the "proudest moment" of her life!

Lady Kitty Spencer recalls the "proudest moment" of her life!

The 30-year-old aristocrat and model recalled one of the happiest moments of her life on Instagram! Check it out. 

Just a few days ago, Lady Kitty Spencer, who happens to be Lady Di's nephew, got married with her 62-year-old beau and South African millionaire Michael Lewis. At the ceremony, the 30-year-old model had five changes, that consisted on five gowns especially chosen by Dolce & Gabbana. According to the fashion brand, her white wedding dress was a Victorian-inspired gown.

Kitty's 57-year-old Earl Charles Spencer's older daughter, and Prince William and Prince Harry's cousin. However, neither her father nor his current wife Karen Spencer were present at the ceremony. William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Harry and Meghan Markle weren't present either at Kitty's wedding in Italy.

Kitty and her mother

Instead, the model was walked down the aisle by her brothers, Louis Spencer and Samuel Aitken, who's Kitty's half brother, product of her mother's Victoria Aitken -who was present at the wedding- new marriage to Jonathan Aitken.

"The proudest moment of my life, without a doubt, was having my brothers walk me down the aisle ♥️," she wrote on Instagram, "Thank you to our family and friends for the most unforgettable weekend filled with more love and laughter and happiness than I have ever known ♥️ It still feels like a dream."

Kitty and Michael met in 2018 and got engaged in January 2020. It's the 30-year-old model's first wedding, while it's the South African magnate's second one. He shares three children with his former wife, Leola, and it's estimated that he has a €94 million fortune.

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