Dove Cameron gets candid about 'facing her demons' during the pandemic

Dove Cameron gets candid about 'facing her demons' during the pandemic

The actress spent time away from her loved ones while filming her new show in Canada.

Dove Cameron had a life-changing experience while away from her friends and family during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a new interview with People, the 25-year-old actress opened up about how spending time away from her loved ones when filming her upcoming Apple TV+ series in Canada in 2020 forced her to confront many unresolved issues. 

"I had to go through so many dark nights of the soul", she told the magazine. "But because I was alone and there was nowhere else for me to go, I could not escape myself. And I was dealing with things I hadn't faced."

Isolation, Cameron said, compelled her to process her split from ex-boyfriend Thomas Doherty as well as the tragic deaths of her father a decade earlier and her best friend Cameron Boyce in 2019.

"Whenever you go through a big loss, it drums up every other loss", the star said, adding that she began to record "theraphy-sessions" into her phone as a way of navigating her grief.

"I was facing my demons all at once", she explained.

Still, the Liv & Maddie alum said that going through that experience gave her a whole new perspective on life and assured that she's now feeling better than ever.

"I found this sense of self. I'm living alone, I'm single for the first time and I just feel born again", she shared. "My capacity for happiness is so much greater because of my past."

In case you missed it, Dove Cameron recently reflected on celebrating her first Pride since coming out as LGBTQ+. 

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