Britney Spears and boyfriend Sam Asghari got engaged? Check it out!

Britney Spears and boyfriend Sam Asghari got engaged? Check it out!

The singer left all her fans in shock after showing images of a large diamond ring on her Instagram account, which was apparently given by her boyfriend

Wedding coming? In the middle of the legal battle that Britney Spears faces in search of her freedom, the 39-year-old singer continues to be held in her home, keeping her promise that she will not perform in public until the abusive guardianship that her father James Spears exercises over her is lifted.

Thus, the artist from Louisiana, United States, spends her days in her Los Angeles mansion and, in the meantime, until her situation is resolved, interacts more than ever with her fans on social networks.

Britney makes them part of the most important and curious moments of her life, such as the repairs she makes at home, her moments in the heavenly home garden or her videos dancing in front of the camera, as well as the iconic TB ("Throw backs") of her career milestones.

On this occasion, the singer hits such as "Toxic", "Stronger" or "Circus" has shared in a post on her Instagram account a news that, apparently, fills her with happiness: it is about nothing more and nothing less than her alleged engagement to her boyfriend, Iranian coach and model Sam Asghari, whom she has been dating for a few years.

With a video posted on the singer's account and a photo of Britney doing "f # ck you" on Sam's account, the lovebirds seem to seal their love by getting engaged to be married. A love that has been flooded by controversy for a long time (by rumors that their relationship would only be superficial).

"I can't f#ucking believe it!!!, the artist posted on her profile, showing off the considerably large-looking diamond ring, which means it must have cost quite a bit of money.

Check out the photos here!

Meet Sam Ashgari, Britney Spears' unconditional support at her worst and find out how they started dating!

The last few years have not been easy for Britney Spears, who is fighting in court to regain control of her life after more than a decade ago her father became not only her manager but also her legal guardian.

In this difficult stage, the interpreter of such well-known songs as Womanizer, Oops!… I Did It Again, Baby one more time and Toxic, among others, has found unconditional support in Sam Ashgari, the man who has restored her illusion in the sentimental field.

He has become a beacon that illuminates her in the midst of darkness, the person who encourages her to fight for her independence and is the man with whom she looks to the future with illusion and hope.

How did they meet? What do you work on? What plans do you have for when the artist is free to make her own decisions again? 

Hesam Asghari, as he is actually called, has three older brothers and was born on March 4, 1994 in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

In 2006 he left the Middle East behind to settle in the United States with his father, who worked as a crane driver.

"I had to leave my friends and family with whom I was very close, and I knew that I would move and never return," he explained in Men's Health.

Already in Los Angeles, where he settled, he was part of a soccer team and began working in the sports world as a personal trainer.

He has also developed at Gold's Gym and he helps to share part of his own experience. After a season marked by bad eating habits, depression and stress, his routine changed completely. Thanks to his perseverance, sacrifice and effort he managed in a short time to become the best version of himself, the one with which Britney fell in love.

Although sports have a leading role in his life and he even runs a football club (as indicated by People Magazine), Sam is also an actor and a model, a profession he shares with one of his sisters. Fay Asghari is a nurse and microbiologist but she has also walked the fashion week in Los Angeles.

The young man's first steps in front of the cameras were in 2015 on the Michael Costello show and he also got into the shoes of a construction worker in the video clip for the song Work from Home by Fifth Harmony.

This interpretive facet led him to meet Britney Spears a year later. He participated as an extra in the video for the song Slumber Party, where they began to talk in one of the breaks of the recording as she herself remembered:

“We had to record a scene in which I was walking from the hall to the bed of the room and we had to wait about twenty minutes between takes, so we started talking".

After that initial and spontaneous conversation, it was some time until their first meeting as Asghari wrote down his number in a note that she found in her backpack five months later.

When she saw it, she decided to call him and, from the first date, they are inseparable. In fact, they did not take long to make their romance official and it was on January 1, 2017 when they shared a picture together.

"He has been with me during the hardest years of my life" says Britney in a recent post on her Instagram account, who feels fulfilled next to her partner.

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