Ashley Tisdale gets candid about her body image issues after giving birth

Ashley Tisdale gets candid about her body image issues after giving birth

The actress welcomed her first child in March. 

Ashley Tisdale is opening up about her struggles with self-image.

The actress, who welcomed her first child with husband Christopher French in March, recounted her difficulties being patient with her body after giving birth in a recent article for her website, Freshne

In the article, titled Getting Real About My Body After Baby, Tisdale admitted that comparing herself to other women's post-pregnancy bodies on social media took a toll on her self-esteem. 

"There are so many models and influencers that I’ve compared my own personal journey in ‘bouncing back’ to…and then, I’m like wait they just had a baby and they look like that??", she wrote.

Tisdale and her daughter, Jupiter.

The High School Musical alum went on to reveal that speaking to other moms eventually helped shift her perspective.

"I was recently at a friend’s place and two moms who just had babies were there saying how great I looked and that they wished they could fit into jeans. Here they were thinking that I looked great and yet I’m at home looking in the mirror thinking I could look better. That’s when I realized we can’t compare our bodies to each other."

Tisdale concluded her post by stressing the importance of understand one's journey and not communicating "negative feelings towards our own bodies."

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