Will Camila Cabello continue acting after 'Cinderella'? This is what she said!

Will Camila Cabello continue acting after 'Cinderella'? This is what she said!

The 24-year-old songstress made her acting debut on the Amazon film. 

Camila Cabello is revealing what the future has in store for her. In a recent interview with Collider, the 24-year-old singer candidly spoke about her desire to continue acting after making her big screen debut in Cinderella.

Official poster for 'Cinderella'

When asked whether she had read a lot of scripts and thought about where to take her career next, Cabello said that she hadn't had the time because she "went into making my album after the movie." However, the songstress admitted that she "would love to do more acting roles."

As to what kind of movies and roles she'd like to play, Cabello said: "I literally couldn’t tell you. I’d love to do more comedy. I think drama would be really fun. Action would be really fun. Thriller would be really fun. There’s so much. There’s a lot there to explore it."

After several pandemic-related haults, Cinderella, directed by Kay Cannon and produced by James Corden, was released on September 3. The film stars Cabello as the title princess alongside Idina MenzelMinnie Driver, Nicholas GalitzineBilly Porter, and Pierce Brosnan

During the interview, the Fifth Harmony alum also spoke about the process of finding her inner confidence when doing something that she had never done before. 

"I think that it was about just letting go of my ego, as much as I can, and just trying to have fun with it. Obviously, there were times where I felt nervous and I felt the pressure, but at the end of the day, it’s something that I chose to do because I believe in it", she said. 

"Clearly, I’m here because Kay Cannon, our director, and James Corden believe in me and they wanted me to be this character. I’m here for a reason, so I’m just gonna believe in that and have a good time", added Cabello

In case you missed it, there might soon be a collab between Cabello and another Latina superstar. Click here to learn more!

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