Why doesn't Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck follow each other on Instagram?

Why doesn't Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck follow each other on Instagram?

The couple, who are experiencing one of their best moments, doesn't follow each other in the social network and the Internet users have some theories

It may seem strange to you, but Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez don't follow each other on Instagram. It has been a fan who has realized this, looking among the users who follow if they were both in two profiles and, after seeing that they were not (you can check it yourself), this question has become a debate: why JLo and Ben is not followed on Insta?

Ben follows 94 accounts and JLo has 1,316 and in all this time they have not 'followed' each other. Even so, the singer has uploaded photos with him (without tagging him), and the Internet is divided into reasons why this is so, do you dare to make your prediction?

Well, while they have not commented on this, the 'fandom' considers that there may be two reasons: the first, that they are not followed because Instagram is not a social network for which they speak and they simply have it for self-promotions of their various things and pictures that upload (in fact, Ben is very active in this social network) and he may not even have realized to follow JLo. 

You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you can find more information on their website. On the other hand, several fans maintain that it is a strategy for us to talk about it precisely?

Be that as it may, they have become the couple of the year, and every step they take is newsworthy.

We still can't get over his furtive kisses or his references to 2002, when they were a couple for the first time and had no idea of the future that awaited them. Don't you get the feeling that thanks to them, you believe a little more in love?

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