These are the most advocate stars for the Black Lives Matter movement

These are the most advocate stars for the Black Lives Matter movement

2020 was a year filled with protests for human rights all over the world and the BLM movement was probably the most historic inside the US. Tons of celebrities used their powerful voice to show support, but there were specially some of them who really gave everything for the cause.


Known for her huge support to the African American community, Queen B didn't doubt to user her social media as a platform to show her anger for the death of George Floyd and to motivate all her fans to go to the streets to protest against all kinds of violence towards black people. 

Kim Kardashian West

It's no surprise that the reality star and now about to become lawyer is one of the most advocate celebrities for the BLM movement. Becoming an activist during the past years for the African American community, Kardashian West shows on her instagram multiple information on how to support the cause and urges her fans to spread the word.

Billie Eilish

The singer has been very vocal and has also participated in protests out in the streets to show her support. During june and after the death of George Floyd she posted a very emotional and moving reflection about the events commited by the police.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

The couple, which shares latin blood have always been outspoken of rejecting all kinds of racism and are examples of a positive representation for both the latino and the African American Community. In June they were seen protesting in the streets of LA with two signs that were made by jlo's kids Max and Emma.

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