The salary of several Hollywood stars gets out, find out how much they earn!

The salary of several Hollywood stars gets out, find out how much they earn!

The numbers for some reach up to two million dollars per chapter!

It is no secret to anyone that Hollywood actors receive a large salary for their performances in movies and series throughout the year. However, after learning the impressive income numbers of some of them, we were all left speechless.

Robert Downey Jr. tops the list of the highest paid actors. The top positions of artists whose income is amazing are linked to Marvel. Among them, Robert Downey Jr. stands out for the production of HBO: The Sympathizer, in which he has earned 2 million dollars.

Chris Pratt follows with 1.4 million for each episode of The Terminal List, the Amazon Prime Video series, which indicates that streaming platforms are the ones who pay the best actors.

In third place we have Jeff Bridges, who for each episode of the new FX series, The Old Man, earns 1 million dollars.

Those who follow on the list have incomes that are under a thousand. Among them we have Bryan Cranston, for Showtime's Your Honor, who has a salary of $ 750,000 per episode. 

In television, there are two women who top the ranking. The first position goes to Viola Davis, with First Ladies, who earns $ 600,000 per chapter. She is followed by Angela Basset, who receives $ 450,000 for each 911 delivery.

The rest of the actresses who work for series on different platforms appear in the top positions. Among them are Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kate Winslet.

See the complete list here!

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