Madonna calls out DaBaby over his homophobic comments!

Madonna calls out DaBaby over his homophobic comments!

Madonna was one of several singers, including Dua Lipa and Anitta who collaborated with the 29-year-old rapper, that rose their voice and repudiated his homophobic rants.

The Queen of Pop has spoken! Yesterday (July 29), Maddona took to Instagram to slam DaBaby's homophobic comments, firstly in one of his Miami performances and then in his latest music video, where instead of apologizing, he portrayed himself as the victim of the whole situation...

The singer shared a fragment of DaBaby's Rolling Loud performance and wrote a lengthy caption explaining why his words are so wrong.

"A message to DaBaby - if you’re going to make hateful remarks to the LGBTQ+ community about HIV/AIDS then know your facts," she started saying, and listed several arguments that prove why the 29-year-old rapper's comments were REALLY homophobic and violent towards people living with HIV and AIDS, "After decades of hard won scientific research— there are now life saving medicines available to children born with HIV, to people who contract HIV through blood transfusions, dirty needles or exchange of bodily fluids. These new ARV’s can keep a person with AIDS alive for the rest of their lives!!! AID’s is not transmitted by standing next to someone in a crowd."

"I want to put my cellphone lighter up and pray for your ignorance, No one dies of AIDS in 2 or 3 weeks anymore. Thank God," she added, and remarked that his "sexist remarks" about whomen "only encourage more discrimination against women who fight daily against the oppression of living under the constraints of the Male Gaze."

The 62-year-old popstar added that it's due to people like him that "we are still living in a world divided by fear." "All Human beings should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, gender, sexual preference or religious beliefs. AMEN. @dababy," Madonna concluded.

Along with Madonna, singers such as Dua Lipa and Brazilian singer Anitta, which collaborated with him in one of their songs, also slammed the rapper's comments. 

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