Kristen Bell adopts a new dog!

The hollywood actress welcomed a new addition to her pet family, check it out!

Kristen Bell is a nice human. The comedic actress just shared that she adopted a new dog and the most important part of her gesture is that the puppy only has three legs. Bell and her family named the tiny dog Whiskey and she took to her personal Instagram account to share his story, writing:

"Meet Whiskey! Before he was rescued he got in a fight with a truck and lost (a leg) but who needs four legs anyway? "

She also went to say that the puppy has been lovingly welcomed by her two daughter and her dog brother Frank, writing in a funny way that her husban Dax is also tolerating him:

"He and dog Brother Frank share my lap (see photo evidence), the girls adore him and Dad lovingly tolerates him. No more truck stops for you, buddy. Welcome home."

Check the adorable Whiskey down below in Kristen's post:

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