Kanye West fans' reaction to Kim Kardashian listening to Donda on mute

Kanye West fans' reaction to Kim Kardashian listening to Donda on mute

Kim wanted to show her support for the father of her children, but an oversight played a trick on her

Recently, Kim Kardashian has shown time and again that she supports Kanye West's latest album Donda. From appearing on stage as a fully veiled bride at her listening party to including all four of her children in the celebrations, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has had a front row seat to the launch.

Over the weekend, the support continued as she took to her Instagram Stories and revealed the songs she was listening to from the new album. But when Ok Ok, Pt. 2 started playing on her device, fans noticed that the volume was at the lowest possible level.

As you probably guessed, Kanye fans weren't about to let Kim get away with it. "IT CAN'T BE KIM LISTENING DONDA ON MUTE", shared a fan on Twitter. And another user wrote, "The way kim kardashian listened to donda silently made me gasp".

While Kim has not publicly commented on the post, she quietly deleted her story and added others while listening to Come to Life and Lord I Need You on high volume.

To the total surprise of fans, Donda suddenly debuted on August 29, generating many enthusiastic reactions from fans new and old.

However, the album's release hasn't exactly been drama-free. Over the weekend, Kanye didn't seem pleased that his new music was now streaming. As he wrote on Instagram:

"Universal released my album without my approval and they blocked jail 2".

A Universal source told Variety that the rapper's accusation was "absurd". As for Ye's decision to include controversial artists Marilyn Manson and DaBaby in his latest project, multiple sources say Kim was less than thrilled with Donda's collaborations.

But according to those close to Kanye, the rapper wants to make some noise literally and figuratively. "He wants her to realize why he included them and appreciate the art form" explained a source to E! News.

"Kanye wanted a reaction. He wants people to talk about his album and that was the approach he was taking". The insider continued: "Kanye looks at everything from a creative point of view and tries to drown out excess noise. He doesn't think too much in the context of his actions".

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