Is Britney Spears leaving new hidden messages on Instagram? Check it out

Is Britney Spears leaving new hidden messages on Instagram? Check it out

The Pop princess keeps updating her social networks with images out of context that leave her followers wondering

The interpreter of hit songs such as "Toxic", "Baby hit me one more time" or "Womanizer" has found a way to communicate with her fans: through her social networks.

Through these platforms, the star has been able to reconnect with the outside world, in the middle of the legal battle against her father James Spears for the conservatorship that he has exercised over her for more than 12 years. 

Now, Sam Asghari's girlfriend has published out of context images (as she has done before): on the one hand, a picture that describes what the word "dream" means and a portrait of Audrey Hepburn raising her middle finger as a sign of " f@ck you".

If you’re in a bad conversation sometimes this is the best solution !!!! , wrote the artist below the Audrey Hepburn picture.

Oops! She did it again: She had already left misleading messages before

Britney Spears posts on social media are gaining more and more meaning for her fans (and for the rest of the world) after her latest documentary, called "Framing Britney Spears" and produced by the New York Times via the Hulu platform, saw the light.

Although the Princess of Pop has attracted attention several times during these years for her striking publications, repetitive images and strange messages on her Instagram account, her followers are paying more attention to witness what was revealed in the film, whose repercussions they have been important all over the world.

The 39-year-old pop star often shares upbeat dance videos, photos with different outfits and makeup, or just training with her partner, model and personal trainer Sam Asghari.

But last February 16, Britney used her social network to post a photo of a Scrabble board that contained various words, both real and made up. In her caption, the "Stronger" interpreter asked her followers to find the false words, but did not specify if she was playing with someone else.

For those who understand board games, making up words is actually a forbidden element of Scrabble, the goal of which is to outshine your opponent by presenting as many words as possible on the board.

"Can you find a word that isn't really a word? Sometimes it's fun to make them up [winking emoji with tongue sticking out and shrugging emoji] !!"

Many of the comments from fans were upbeat, playing along with the artist, though others expressed genuine concern for Britney.

"She is speaking to us through a code. Let's get to work," risked a follower, while another fan commented: "I don't see this as a hidden clue from the National Treasury." Another person commented "my favorite word is" freedom ", and many other fans gave it a like.

On the other hand, a fan caught a false word, TIUQ, and shared:" TIUQ is 'QUIT' written backwards. If you're looking for a clue ... that's it. "

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