In case you were wondering too... where did Lorde go?

The New Zealand singer dissapeared for a couple of years after releasing her last album in 2017.

After a long period of media absence, Lorde reappeared sending a series of newsletters to her fans in May 2020. In one of her emails, she told her followers that in 2017 she "knew [she] needed a break from touring."

"I was finding the combination of brutal stage fright and having no fixed home and no connection with what I ate or where I lived extremely grim," the 24-year-old artist wrote in the newsletter she sent her fans. Also, the singer stated that she now is ready to “do interviews, talk about the record over and over until [she knows] it inside out."

Also, in an interview with the New Zealand magazine Metro, the singer stated that she had travelled to Antartica in early 2019: "The urgency I had long felt to travel south returned. I made call after call, got dozens of doses of vaccine reminders, and then it happened: this dreamy music had gotten a ride to the end of the world."

Lorde interviewed scientists and climate change experts during her five-day expedition and now wants to share her experience in a book called Going South that will be out this year.

The singer has also hinted that she's been working during quarantine on her next album!

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