Drew Barrymore makes her hilarious TikTok debut — Check it out!

Drew Barrymore makes her hilarious TikTok debut — Check it out!

The actress dressed up as one of her iconic characters. 

Drew Barrymore is bringing one of her iconic roles back to life for her TikTok debut! On Monday, the 46-year-old actress made her first ever post on the video sharing app with a hilarious and nostalgia-filled TikTok. 

In the clip, Barrymore performed a popular trend in which she answered questions as Josie Grossie, her iconic character from the classic rom-com Never Been Kissed. Since it was posted, the video has amassed 2.8 million views while her profile boasts over 369,000 followers. 

The Drew Barrymore Show host was previously spotted dressed as the beloved character while walking around New York City, though at the time it was unclear what she was planning. 

Never Been Kissed was released on April 9, 1999 and it followed a junior reporter (Barrymore) who is tasked with going undercover as a high school student in order to better inform parents of their teenager kids' lives. The film also starred David Arquette, Jessica Alba, and Michael Vartan.

Back in 2019, Barrymore celebrated the film's 20th anniversary with an emotional tribute on Instagram, writing, "Never Been Kissed was my partner Nancy Fallon and my first official movie at Flower Films. All we wanted to do was make something that felt like the way so many of us feel growing up."

"It's raw and ridiculous, beautiful and helps you decide what is important and what isn't. But we also loved humor", she added. "And if pain isn't mixed with insane laughter, then it doesn't work. Humor and humility are linked like besties! And everyone feels vulnerability while they are figuring out who they are and what they stand for."

"It also helps when you have the best cast and great music and everyone is making the same story!", Barrymore concluded. "Josie Grossie forever."

Drew Barrymore in 'Never Been Kissed'

In case you missed it, this 90s icon also recently made her TikTok debut by recreating a scene from a beloved film — and then did it again!

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