David Harbour opens up about his special bond with THIS 'Stranger Things' costar!

David Harbour opens up about his special bond with THIS 'Stranger Things' costar!

The 'Stranger Things' actor recently spoke about the "protective" relationship he has with one of his show's costars. 

The Stranger Things actor David Harbour recently opened up about the protective and special relationship he developed with Millie Bobby Brown while working together in the show's four seasons.

During one of his latest interviews, the 46-year-old actor got candid about the fatherly bond he has with the actress that plays Eleven, his character Jim Hopper's adoptive daughter in the show. The duo has been working together since the series started in 2016, when the actress was just 12-years-old.

 "Millie and I have always had sort of a special relationship because I knew her when she was so young," the actor said about his relationship with the 16-year-old actress, "I knew her before any of this fame hit."

"I have a real protective feeling for her. I have a real worry," David added, "I worry about her and the fame, and everything she has to struggle with. And I've just always felt this kind of fatherly affection for her."

David also opened up about his character in the show's upcoming season, stating that "one of the interesting things about Hopper this season" is the fusion between his "fatherly stuff" and "warrior" characteristics.

The actor is married to British singer Lily Allen, who has two daughter from her previous partner, Sam Cooper, Ethel and Marnie. David seems to have a great relationship with his wife's daughters as he shares a lot of photos with them on Instagram!

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