Cuteness overload! Halsey shares photos of her son's face for the first time

Cuteness overload! Halsey shares photos of her son's face for the first time

The singer welcomed her first child with boyfriend Alev Aydin earlier this year. 

Halsey is introducing her son to the world! The singer turned 27 on Wednesday and celebrated her special day by sharing the first snapshots of baby Ender's face, two months after welcoming her first child with boyfriend Alev Aydin.

In the two shots, the newborn was seen wearing an multi-colored onesie, a blue hat and matching socks as his father held him toward the camera. "The best birthday gift there is", Halsey captioned the sweet post.


After years of struggles with fertility, the hitmaker —who suffers from endometriosis— gave birth to baby Ender on July 14. She shared the baby news a few days later, posting several photos of the sweet moment to Instagram.

Earlier this month, Halsey took to Twitter to reflect on the physical changes that she's experienced since becoming a mom. "My pregnancy has changed my body so much", she wrote. "Learning how to have a personal sense of style when you're not used to your new shapes has become a real struggle."

"To all the mommas (or really just anyone going thru something similar) I feeel you", she added.

Halsey previously opened up to Apple Music's Zane Lowe about how pregnancy had impacted her new album, If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power. During the interview, she explained that the LP is somewhat horror-themed because "this experience in a way has its horrors."

"I think everyone who has heard me yearn for motherhood and yearn for this for so long, would have expected me to write an album that was full of gratitude", she said. "And instead I was like 'No, this sh— is so scary and so horrifying. And my body's changing and I have no control over anything. And I do finally have this thing that I want. So I wake up and fear every single day that I'm going to lose it."

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