Courteney Cox brings "Friends" back with an outstandig music cover, listen to the song!

Courteney Cox brings "Friends" back with an outstandig music cover, listen to the song!

Fans of the series went wild on Instagram after hearing a former Monica Geller-fueled reversal of "I'll be there for you," the iconic opening song that ran for 10 years.

Relax, we have not gone back 17 years in time: basically, the former actress of the sitcom "Friends", Courteney Cox, who played the character of Monica Geller, has once again put in our ears the unmistakable melody of "I'll be there for you", the anthem of the series.

The star, who never ceases to amaze her fans every day and has become a true influencer on social media, shares her activities daily with her almost 11 million followers on Instagram: from her meetings with friends (many of which usually starred in Friends and mainly her best friend, Jennifer Aniston) to her tennis training, pictures and videos of her puppies and her piano practice.

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On this occasion, the star of other important productions, such as the film saga "Scream", shared her improvements with the instrument that keeps her entertained in this lock down and chose the famous The Rembrandts' song to ask her fans if they liked it this new version, as well as asking them what else she should learn in the next lesson.

Listen to the snippet here!

Of course, her followers did not take long to react, and in less than a day the video already gathered more than a million and a half likes, in addition to thousands of comments celebrating the feat and thanking the actress for bringing this to life again. memorable opening song of the series, which we would not have omitted even if we had the chance 20 years ago!

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