Camila Cabello reveals the sweet way that Shawn Mendes supported her through 'Cinderella'

Camila Cabello reveals the sweet way that Shawn Mendes supported her through 'Cinderella'

The upcoming film premieres on September 3.

Camila Cabello is already living her own fairy tale! On Monday, the 24-year-old singer and actress opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how her boyfriend, fellow artist Shawn Mendes, supported her through the process of making her upcoming movie, Cinderella

"It would've been weird [if Mendes played the prince], because he's my boyfriend IRL", Cabello explained of the role portrayed by Nicholas Galitzine in the film. "[But] he's the best and I think we are really supportive of each other and always want to see each other."

In fact, Mendes was so supportive of his girlfriend that he even surprised her on set.

"He surprised me the week of the ball and he saw me do one of the scenes", the Fifth Harmony alum recalled. "So he was there for the whole beginning of it, and was so supportive. I'm lucky I have some awesome people in my life."

Galitzine and Cabello in 'Cinderella'

In the anticipated film, directed by Kay Cannon, Cabello will not only make her big screen debut but she'll also get to show off some of her comedic chops.

"It was really fun, and obviously Kay has so much experience... and I am learning so much in the process", Cabello said of Cinderella, which premieres on Amazon Prime next month. "She would always say, 'Jokes and songs, jokes and songs,' just to remind us that it's just being [silly] and singing."

"Kay Cannon in writing it made [Cinderella] different", she continued. "I was really inspired by the character and really inspired by the film. And I feel like it just really turned around the kind of Cinderella that's patiently sitting in the room and waiting for the prince and sad and scared."

"Obviously this character has moments of doubt and sadness too, but I think that it's much more rounded and she's also angry at this world and this society that's not really letting her be, like, a whole person", Cabello added. "She is just following her instincts on changing that for herself, and I just think that's really brave, and we should all be as brave as Cinderella."

'Cinderella' movie poster

In addition to the "Havana" hitmaker and Galitzine, the film stars Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver and James Corden, among others. Cinderella streams on Amazon on Sept. 3. 

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