Caitlyn Jenner shows her support for Kim after Divorce

The former husband of Kris Jenner talked about how she feels in terms of Kim's divorce

For Caitlyn Jenner family comes first, even though they have been through a rough patch. The olympian keeps having a tremendous love for the Kardashians and call them her kids. And her love for Kim is just the same, when being asked about the star's divorce from Kanye West, Jenner said nothing but supportive words, saying she loves her to death.

This took place last Thursday on People's TV Show, while being interviewed by Jeremy Parsons, to whom Jenner told that she had texted with Kim that morning. Concerning the divorce and how she feels about Kim's situation, Caitlyn said:

"I love her to death. She's a great person, we were texting this morning and, you know, I wish her nothing but the best. At some point, she'll probably come out and make a statement, but it's her statement and not mine."

When being asked about the last season of KUWTK who just premiered last night, Jenner confessed that she was going to be in the finale but warned that she couldn't say anything about it. 

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