Britney Spears' fans are concerned about her latest Instagram post: Check it out!

Britney Spears' fans are concerned about her latest Instagram post: Check it out!

Although it all started as a sign of release and freedom from the singer, now fans have started to worry after her fourth consecutive post showing off her naked body...

Britney Spears bared it all one more time on Instagram! And while after she posted the first two photos fans were happy for her release and what seemed to be the freedom she had to show off her body, her followers are now concerned for her mental health, and wondering if it's really her uploading this photos.

Two days ago, the 39-year-old popstar shared a reel that was filmed the same day she took the other photos and video and where she's seen looking directly at the camera and covering up her boobs with her two hands.

Britney's latest post, which looks just the same as the others.

As the other video, she captioned the post with several kiss emojis. While at first fans thought that the posts might be a response to people that criticize her release and showing off her body on Instagram, they are now worried that it might actually be somebody else controlling her account and trying to make her look unstable again.

"I feel these are being posted my someone else...," a fan commented on the reel, while another one wrote, "Something suspicious is going on."

Britney's first post.

This is not a ridiculous theory, as it is publicly known -and even Britney herself addressed the subject- that in the past it was not actually herself who controlled her official social media accounts. 

All this comes in the context of her conservatorship scandal, from which she spoke about a few months ago after 13 years of silence. The popstar's still under her father Jamie Spears' control, but she was recently granted the permission to choose her own lawyer

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