Ben Affleck protected JLo from a very invasive fan, check it out!

Ben Affleck protected JLo from a very invasive fan, check it out!

No photos! After their return to the red carpet as a couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were approached by a man looking for a selfie with them, and the actor reacted!

On Saturday, September 11, the day after making their red carpet return as a couple at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were heading to the city's Marco Polo Airport when they were approached by what appeared to be being an overzealous fanatic.

The man tried to take a selfie with them, but the actor stopped him. Ben pushed the person gently but firmly, as JLo stepped behind the star. The man stepped back and received a few harsh words from one of the couple's security guards as the couple continued on their way, hand in hand, to the airport's general aviation terminal to take a private flight.

Months after they rekindled their romance from the 2000s, during which they were spotted alongside their three children and twins, Jennifer and Ben returned to the red carpet at the premiere of the Oscar-winning film The Last Duel at the Venice Film Festival on Friday September 10th.

A source close to one of JLo's stylists told E! News exclusively that the star insisted on wearing a white outfit for her and Ben's first red carpet appearance since they got back together.

The source added: "Jennifer wanted it to symbolize a rebirth"

The great moment of the couple captured the attention thanks to the kisses and their loving looks that undoubtedly enchanted the fans. Even Ben's ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow approved of the moment, commenting on Instagram, in response to a photo post of the two: "Okay. This is cute".

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