Ariana Grande calls out her fans to get vaccinated against COVID!

Ariana Grande calls out her fans to get vaccinated against COVID!

Many celebrities are calling their fans out to get the COVID vaccine, such as Olivia Rodrigo and Marina Diamandis. 

Ariana Grande is calling out her fans to get the COVID vaccine and continue taking care of themselves! Yesterday (August 1), the 28-year-old singer made an Instagram post in which she's seen wearing a face mask and reminded her fans to get vaccinated. 

"this thing is not yet over ! sharing some info because i care and if i can, i’d like to help anybody who is hesitant or curious with making their decision," she stated, and remarked that the Delta variant is "very new" and as "data is changing all the time," she wanted to give her fans some sources to take information from.

"we do know that it spreads much more easily compared to previous variants. most of the spread is among unvaccinated people and in areas with low vaccination rates ! and yes although you can still get it while vaccinated, the vaccine helps to protect against severe illness, hospitalization, and death !," Ariana added, "all great things to be protected against in my book. oh and if you have already gotten sick with COVID-19, you should STILL get vaccinated !"

Also, she shared a link where people can read the myths vs. facts about the COVID vaccines, and helpful accounts to get information from, such as Colombian science communicator Nini Munoz, Jessica Malaty Rivera and the organization Made to Save.

"Yes!!!! shouting out @jessicamalatyrivera She has been nothing short of heroic in guiding us through this pandemic with science and clarity," Blake Lively wrote in the comments.

According to the White House COVID-19 Data Director, Cyrus Shahpar, on Sunday +816K doses were reportedly administered, including 517K newly vaccinated. Since the week of July 5, there has been a steady increase in the number of people who are getting vaccinated in the US.

Ariana's one of many celebrities that has been inspiring their fans to get vaccinated. Olivia Rodrigo recently visited the White House as part of the government's campaign to influence young people to get vaccinated. Check out her speech here!

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