Stars are bringing this 2000s trend back

Stars are bringing this 2000s trend back

After several models and artists were photographed showing off their abs in New York, specialized media pointed out the return of a classic 2000's garment

Among the trends that resurfaced in 2020 is the one which Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera and Keira Knightley made famous in the 2000s: the low rise pants. 

Bella Hadid was one of the models who captured the media's attention thanks to this new trend and shared some pictures in Instagram using this garment.


 Dua Lipa also wore low rise black pants combined with a bodysuit, another trend that is raging this year. 


But the low rise trend is not only for pants or jeans, but also for both long and short skirts. An example of this is Emily Ratajkowski's look where she wore a white top and long skirt set. What do you think about low rise fashion?


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