Oops! She did it again: Britney Spears showed off her boobs on Instagram! Check out her fans' reactions

It is the second consecutive image that the singer publishes on the social network of her breasts, generating all kinds of reactions among her fans

Singer Britney Spears continues to cause a sensation on her social networks after exposing herself this weekend, not only in soul (as she usually does as a sort of "release" on this platform), but also in body.

In the midst of the fight for the termination of the absolute conservatorship that her father exercises over her life and finances, under which she has been subjected for more than 12 years, Britney apparently finds comfort in her Instagram account, where she can express her emotions and communicate in some way with the outside world and, above all, her loyal fans, who came together with the "Free Britney" movement, to claim for the singer's rights and freedom.

In her profile on the social network, the pop princess has expressed some of her thoughts, in the middle of the ban that has kept her from working for years. In fact, a few days ago, Britney admitted to everyone that she will not act again until her father's conservatorship and possession of his assets is terminated.

With this extreme "supervision" exercised by James Spears, Britney cannot go to the hairdresser without asking permission, see her children, drive a car or go on a trip with her boyfriend. She cannot even make the decision to have more children, since she isn't allowed to remove the intrauterine device that is installed in her belly as a contraceptive method.

Two days ago, the singer surprised all her Instagram followers by publishing an image of her with the typical background of her residence garden that appears in many of her photos, but completely topless, covering her breasts with her two hands in a sexy attitude.

Her fans applauded this gesture of the artist, who apparently wants to appear as natural as possible and has no problem with showing off all her beauty and sensuality through her only channel with the world: the social networks.

However, the next day, the singer re-posted an image from the same photoshoot that began to set off alarms. Britney was even more daring this time, showing her nipples barely covered by some star emojis, which made some of her followers think that the account could be being managed by someone who wanted to make her look "unstable", in order to achieve the permanence of conservatorship.

This is the theory of some of the singer's fans, who were concerned about the singer and had doubts about whether she is the one posting these photos or not.

This is not the first time that followers distrust the management of the account, since on several occasions, Britney's somewhat ambiguous or strange posts generated uncertainty among them.

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