Did Kate Middleton change her engagement ring? Check out what experts say!

The royal ring, worn by Lady Di in her engagement to Prince Charles, was apparently touched up by the Duchess of Cambridge

It is one of the most photographed jewels in the world, having been worn by Princess Diana during her marriage to Prince Charles. But its popularity grew even more when Prince William gave it to Kate Middleton as an engagement ring to Kate Middleton in 2010.

With so much pedigree, it is understandable that making any kind of modification that could damage it was an immeasurable risk. However, since it came into the hands of the Duchess of Cambridge there had been a problem that needed to be solved: the ring was too big for her.

"It is known that shortly before their wedding, in April 2011, Kate altered the ring because she discovered that the band was spinning on her finger", reports The Mirror.

The jewel was brought to G. Collins and Sons but, since they didn't really want to alter it much, instead of adjusting the band to the correct size - which would have been traditional in these cases - small platinum beads were added to the inside of the jewel to give it a better fit, which is another less radical way of solving that same problem.

This ring belonged to Prince Harry, who took it as a keepsake from his mother after her death, while William kept a Cartier watch.

However, when he learned that his brother would propose to Kate, Diana's youngest son decided to let him. The origin of the ring goes beyond Diana, as it has been in the British royal family since 1840, when it was created as a brooch by the prestigious English jeweler Garrard at the request of the then Prince Albert.

The ring was was a wedding gift for Queen Victoria.

"She loved it so much that she decided to wear it on her wedding day as that blue detail to decorate her", Sara Prentice, Garrard's creative director, revealed to Vogue a few years ago.

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