Did Emma Corrin forget to shave her armpits for the Emmy Awards?

Did Emma Corrin forget to shave her armpits for the Emmy Awards?

Everyone was shocked by the outfit of the interpreter of Lady Di in the award-winning series The Crown

British actress Emma Corrin has caught the attention of everyone during her participation in the 73rd edition of the Emmy Awards, held on Sunday, September 19.

From head to toe, the acclaimed performer who has brought the late Lady Di to life on the multi-award-winning Netflix original series The Crown, has managed to monopolize every camera lens on the red carpet.

Her sober look has been quite a surprise, which consisted of a hat (which seemed to be taken from The Handmaid's Tale series, like the ones used by the maids in fiction), fingerless gloves and a loose strappless dress in vanilla color from the firm Miu Miu.

Although it may seem subtle, Emma managed it with the help of her personal stylist, Harry Lambert, to give the outfit a gothic twist. In addition, her manicurist Simmy Cummings has added hyper-pointed black nails (like claws), which protruded from the gloves, to her final look.

Makeup has also been kept in a low-key shade, gold eyeshadow, subtle blush and petal pink lips, applied by makeup artist Florrie White.

However, there is a detail that very few noticed and that is that the actress, in her desire to appear as natural and real as possible, has left her armpits without waxing to attend the gala.

Emma had already shown herself in this way in front of the audience, although not in an event of such magnitude.

She did not flaunt this detail, surely so that her outfit would not be overshadowed by this attitude that many might question, but by wearing a strappless dress she has been exposed.

Of course, the beautiful actress looks the most cute with any outfit, and she has shown it this time. Without dazzling with her design, she has managed to stand out as the most beautiful of the night for what it really is: one of the most beautiful people in the world, without a doubt!

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