7 stars that changed their body radically, check it out!

7 stars that changed their body radically, check it out!

These stars set a goal for themselves and reached it in different ways and at different times ... look how they did it!

Many celebrities try everything to meet the beauty standards that society and the entertainment industry impose on them, meanwhile others also intend to lose a few pounds for health reasons.

While many stars choose exercise and healthy eating to achieve their ideal weight, in addition to implementing a routine of healthy habits, others choose cosmetic surgery or more medically invasive methods.

We show you here seven celebrities who dedicated themselves to changing their appearance and have achieved incredible results ... so much so that they look like other people!

1. Adele

The famous british singer has always stood out for her incredible voice, personality and talent. But after becoming a mother, Adele realized that she needed to improve her health and lifestyle.

Although her main goal was not to lose weight, she achieved it thanks to a major change in habits that included a demanding gymnastics routine and a vegan diet. Of course the change has been gradual and the singer has needed great discipline to achieve it.

This transformation process began in 2008 and since then he has lost more than 133 pounds!

2. Chris Pratt

The Jurassic Park's main character weighed 287 pounds! But with a lot of effort and dedication, today he maintains a healthy weight, since he managed to lose 60 pounds.

His main motivation was to get the leading role in Guardians of the Galaxy, since he had previously been rejected for the film Moneyball, so he decided to start exercising and closely monitor his diet.

On his Instagram account he shares exercise routines and MMA practices, showing that he is more committed than ever. In addition, Pratt shows his good diet and even harvests his own vegetables. Wow!

3. Jonah Hill

The nominated Oscar actor for his role in Moneyball had serious health problems due to the overweight with which he lived. That's why he decided to get down to business, take charge of his own health, and achieve an incredible transformation with exercise and diet. He even became an inspiration to his fans.

4. Mariah Carey

The successful american singer had some setbacks in her career due to excess weight. Her overweight did not allow her to perform in the same way, singing and dancing in her live shows, as Britney Spears also did when she had put on a few pounds.

As if that were not enough, the "Hero" interpreter received strong criticism from the press and the media, so she decided to act with a different and questioned method: she underwent gastric band surgery that allowed her to lose 66 pounds.

5. Jennifer Hudson

We met the actress and singer in 2004, when she was part of the third season of American Idol. But her big moment came with a role in the movie Dreamgirls.

Jennifer entered show business already overweighted. However, she decided to start a healthier life on her own initiative and managed to lose 88 pounds in four years.

6. Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson used to be a lawyer, but after a dream she realized that her purpose in life was to become a great actress and comedian. And she certainly did it!

Since her participation in Bridesmaids, Rebel was already obese. But the Australian underwent a high intensity exercise routine, with which she lost 44 pounds. In addition, she took a healthy diet to keep it going. A total goddess!

7. Christina Aguilera

Xtina experienced motherhood, something unmatched for all women, which also causes changes in the body, especially during pregnancy and after giving birth.

Science even estimates that a woman needs a year to recover from childbirth. The singer gained more than 44 pounds during her pregnancy, something that was a difficult process to cope with.

Although the changes in her body in terms of being overweight are usually a swing, we can always see that with effort and dedication she manages to regain her figure.

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